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Children and YA Titles by
Dr. Simel Bey, DAOM

Old, New, and Forthcoming Titles by Dr. Bey

Children's Initiatic Tales: Stories from the Immortal Light." A collection of six original tales that stem from traditions of myth, spiritual folklore, and ancient virtue tales. Stories from The Immortal Light, is a rare collection of timeless tales that will educate reading youth with universal themes and explore magical concepts that are both uplifting and miraculous.

The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo: A Story of Defiance and Triumph

by Simel Bey, JEPHRISIVAD, et al. | Mar 30, 2015

Born in Africa, abducted to Brazil, raised as a warrior, destined for greatness. Based on the true story of Mestre Benedito, one of the innovators of the unique and beautiful martial art forms called Capoeira, The Mysterious One of Kapwera Engolo celebrates the life of a young man named Besege taken from his home and sold into slavery in the New World. 

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The Capoeira Song Paperback
March 7, 2019
by Dr Simel E.J. Bey (Author), JJ Richards (Illustrator)

A beautiful song about the wonderful world of capoeira and how it changes the lives of all who choose to play..

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