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East Asian Medicine Practitioner, Storyteller, Innovator, Master Herbalist, Author, Destiny Coach, & Meta Physician

I've been a fighter all my life. Striving for a more perfect union.

Dr. Simel Bey, DAOM is an award-winning Texas-based Doctor of Clinical Specialty in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine. He is an Author and Digital Health Innovator whose sincerity, compassion, and integrity have earned him a reputation as a service-centered leader for over 20 years.


Over the course of two decades, he has helped thousands of people, through his former private practice, courses, speaking engagements and community programs, pave a way towards a happier, healthier life.


After meeting many early challenges in life and surviving a  significant car accident in the year 2000, he was called to study and enter the lineage of Classical Chinese Medicine to ensure wellness and the longevity of himself, family and many more.

With lineage from the Geeche Gullah peoples of South Carolina and Savannah Georgia, early on in life, Dr. Bey learned herbal medicine from the feet of his grandmothers.


In addition to his extensive expertise, community engagement programs, and a lifelong passion for helping others, Dr. Bey has co-founded the Inner Natures Workshops and innovated East Asian Medical technology to better Humanity in a time of great change.


Dr. Bey has published three children's books, and many professional academic papers, written/directed/screenplays, produced a short movie, and maintains efforts to develop conscious expansion.


Infinitely dedicated to giving back and making this planet a better place, Dr. Bey serves at the discretion of life, and his family.

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