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Academic Titles by
Dr. Simel Bey, DAOM

New Titles by Dr. Bey


Reflections on The Wu Yun Liu Qi Theory in Clinical Practice 

by Simel Bey, DAOM | Sept 25, 2023

The theory of the

The Wu Yun Liu Qi (Five Phase and Six Qi) was first discussed in the 1st century. The most prominent figure in this discussion Zhang Zhong Jing is well known to all practitioners and scholars of East Asian and specifically Chinese Medicine. This work covers the basics of the Wu Yun Liu Qi theory, medical math, Stems/Branches, and an actual case study using this theory in clinical practice.

This work provides a commitment to the advancement of lifelong learning in the field of East Asian Medicine.

Wu Shu (五 术) Chinese Metaphysics, Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

by Simel Bey, DAOM | Sept 25, 2023

This work describes the Wu Shu, and its application for I-Ching Medical Diagnosis and treatment.

“The Five Metaphysical Arts originated in the experience and knowledge derived from the ancients’ struggle for survival, adaptation, and balance. Later they were highly developed by Taoists, cultivating them in the mountains, who used arcane symbolism to express their findings. Each art is permeated with the sweat and blood of generations of workers, crystallizing their experience and knowledge of the ages. If we can penetrate the outer terminological shell and extract the pure marrow, these arts could be a rare blessing for humankind.” (Chen, 1998, 112).

Concept & Practice: The PrimoVascular System, The San Jiao and Invisible Phlegm 

by Simel Bey, DAOM | Sept 25, 2023


Controversial in its assertion, the san jiao is a mysterious conversation in East Asian Medicine practice. Nevertheless, it is one all practitioners and even some patients must be familiar with.

In this brief work, we explore an even more controversial and perplexing rationale for the existence of the San Jiao.

And how it might have been under our noses the entire time.

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