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Dr. Beys Reading List for The East Asian Medical Professional Part 1

Generally you must be enrolled in an institution of higher learning or certificate program.

However for the enthusiast alike find below some of the best educational resources for the beginner & advanced practice of East Asian Medicine.

Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list but ever growing.

Pre & First Year

  1. Yellow Emperors Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing) Maoshing Ni

  2. Between Heaven & Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold

  3. Deadmans Acupuncture Manual by Peter Deadman

  4. Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Yan Wu

  5. Clinical Manual of Oriental Medicine 2 by John Chen

(2nd year- 3rd year)

Intermediate knowledge and practice of East Asian Medicine

  1. Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches- Tian Gan Di Zhi The Heart of Chinese Wisdom by Zhongxian Wu

  2. Acupuncture Treatment Protocols by Jim Cleaver LAc.

  3. Pulse Diagnosis Li Shi Zhen or Dr. Will Morris, DAOM, PHD, LAc

  4. Essential Chinese Formulas by Jake Paul Fratkin

  5. Transformation: Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and Herbs by Will Morris

For the Advanced, Senior Year and or beginning Practitioner

  1. Any Materials on NCCAOM & Board Examinations

  2. All books on Acupuncture Legal Ethics & Licensing (Not many) Consult a Acupuncture Attorney from the referral of a senior colleague

The Community and Patients

  1. Free Community Engagement Talks

  2. How to Win friends and Influence People

  3. One to Many: The Secret to Webinar Success

For the Esoteric Study of the Medicine

  1. Opening the Dragons Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard Chen Kaigao translated by Tom Cleary

  2. Book of Changes by Hua Ching Ni

  3. Taoist Talismans by Wilson Yong

  4. Karma by Sadghuru

  5. Lao Tzu by Hua Ching Ni

  6. Cycles in Medical Astrology by William Morris, PHD

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